Safety First Aid Group was established in 1959 as is a specialist supplier of first aid, medical and health and safety products,. The company was looking for am IT partner they could trust who not only focused on day to day support but who could also assist with overall strategy, advice and expertise. They got in touch with us via a personal recommendation because they had unreliable and outdated IT infrastructure with poor levels of informatisation and were seeking expert-level knowledge to design a coherent and robust roadmap to address immediate and future IT needs.





We provided Safety First Aid with advice and expertise on how to upgrade, stabilise and improve their suite of IT systems as well as creating a three year roadmap addressing their immediate and future IT needs. We conducted a full audit and made cost effective recommendations for increased reliability while perfecting the trade-off between employing full time IT technicians and offering full outsourced IT supply. 

The benefits to the business were twofold, firstly by outsourcing to us they improved productivity and secondly, we allowed them to make a significant cost saving from taking on an in house IT team.