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In today’s world, your telecoms and internet services underpin your entire business. A reliable, high-speed internet connection is an essential requirement of any modern business and more and more companies are now using VoIP telephony and combining fixed line calls with mobiles to reduce their telecom spend. Whatever your requirements, we can offer you both telephony and internet packages that meet your specific needs with access to extremely competitive tariffs, line rentals and hardware options.




hosted phone system

Our hosted phone system has the capability of putting your business ahead of the game. Our product is packed with clever features to help you make the most of your daily business communications. You can easily configure preferences both for individual phones and for their phone network through your web portal. You can also set many of the most common features directly from the handsets.

For those on the move, we also have a mobile app that turns your phone into a desk-based PBX phone no matter where you are in the world.

A major benefit of hosted phone handsets is they can be physically moved to any location in the world and still retain the same number and features without requiring any reconfiguration, rewiring, or lengthy calls with the phone provider. This is perfect for office moves.

Call Answering Services

We offer a call answering solution available as an add on to your current telephony setup or traditional system. This includes the following features:

  • 24/7/365 call answering
  • All calls answered in the UK
  • Online portal to manage your scripts and contacts
  • Email sent to you with the exact date, time, contact name, message, and phone number to enable easy follow-ups


internet provision

We deliver integrated internet, fixed line and mobile services throughout the UK. Our clients are across the spectrum of business types from single-office home workers through to multi-national corporations.

All of our offerings and prices are unique to each client. We specialise in delivering bespoke service agreements and providing the widest range of quality telecommunication products, all on one bill and with a personal touch.

mobile phones

We offer a network agnostic mobile phone and sim-only service. This means we can provide you with the very best deals based on your particular circumstance.